February 23 (Sat) 2019

Residency Report

Exchange Residency Program

*Sorry the event is in Japanese only.

We are delighted to announce that we are having Residency Report of Exchange Residency Program between ARCUS Project and Hospitalfield in Scotland.
Two Japanese artists, Natsumi Aoyagi and Kazuya Takagawa who stayed at Hospitalfield through the program and Scottish curator Lesley Young who has been staying at ARCUS Project together give a talk on their residency experience.
It will be a good opportunity to get insight into cultural landscapes of Japan and Scotland, art scene and social historical topics artists and the curator faced from different perspectives.


[Exchange Residency Program]
In addition to the open-call artist-in-residence (AIR) program, the ARCUS Project launched the Exchange Residency Program in 2017. Working together with overseas AIR programs and initiatives, the Exchange Residency Program sends abroad and invites to Japan artists and curators to support Japanese artists’ practices and encourage a more enriching exchange in the arts and culture between artists and curators of both in and outside Japan.
This year we sent two Japanese artists to Hospitalfield in Scotland for 29 days and invite a Scottish curator to ARCUS Project for 16 days.


高川和也 リサーチの記録映像より

青柳菜摘 滞在中の記録より

【 Artist 】
Photo by Shintaro Wada
Natsumi Aoyagi
Born in Tokyo in 1990. Lives and works in Tokyo. Aoyagi obtained her Master of Fine Arts in Film and New Media from Tokyo University of the Arts in 2016.
While observing the development process of a wide range of things, including insects, familiar people, plants, and landscapes, Aoyagi searches for ways of expressing these things without relying on any specific media. Aoyagi employs methods that seem to provide viewers with the experience of seeing things exactly as she does, and deals with the subject of their inability to actually do this. She also makes work under the name “Datsuo” and serves as the director of a media production team called honkbooks in Tokyo.

[Selected Exhibitions and Activities]
2018 ‘Incubation Diary 2014-2015’ , The Yebisu International Festival for Art & Alternative Visions 2018, Tokyo Photographic Art Museum, Tokyo
2016 ‘Incubation Diary 2011, 2014-2016’, NTT InterCommunication Center [ICC], Tokyo
2016 ‘Fuji Diary’, NADiff Gallery, Tokyo
2016 ‘Incubation Diary Taiwan’, kanzan gallery, Tokyo
2015 WRO Biennale 2015, Wroclaw, Poland


Kazuya Takagawa
Born in Kumamoto in 1986. Lives and works in Tokyo. Takagawa obtained his Master of
Fine Arts in Painting from Tokyo University of the Arts in 2012.
Based the theme of “the self as a space that is confronted or unified by information,” in recent years, Takagawa has produced works using videos, drawings, and texts while referencing psychological and psychopathological methodologies. For Voicing the Extreme, a project he began in 2017, he studied collections of verbal utterances and their psychological effects.

[Selected Exhibitions and Activities]
2017 ‘Socially Engaged Art: A New Wave of Art for Social Change’, 3331 Arts Chiyoda, Tokyo
2017 Artist in Residence Kyoto: Re-Search, Kyoto
2016 ‘ASK THE SELF’, Tokyo Arts and Space Hongo, Tokyo
2015 3331 ART FAIR 2015, 3331 Arts Chiyoda, Tokyo

【 Curator Invitee 】
Photo by Erika Stevenson
Lesley Young
Lesley Young is a curator of contemporary art based in Glasgow, Scotland. She is currently Programme Co-ordinator at Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop, where she devises the programme for artist residents, studio holders & members, and the public. She is a founding member of Chapter Thirteen, a curatorial co-operative established in Glasgow in 2017.
In 2006 she established the curatorial agency The Salford Restoration Office with James N. Hutchinson to explore and critique the visual arts infrastructure of Manchester; within the project curating exhibitions of Artur Żmijewski, Jeremy Deller, and Dan Shipsides; as well as developing the reading group Reading Capital, the professional development project Centrifuge, supported by Imogen Stidworthy and Dirk Fleischmann for Manchester Metropolitan University and a public project with Katya Sander for The University of Manchester. Between 2014 and 2017 she lead the MLitt Curatorial Practice (Contemporary Art) course for The University of Glasgow.
She has written about the work of Esra Ersen and Artur Żmijewski and has contributed writing to Towards a City Observatory, Collective Gallery, Edinburgh 2017.

【 Moderator 】

Naoko Horiuchi
Referrer/Curator, Arts Initiative Tokyo [AIT]