November 27th 16:30-18:00


"Peeled, Peel, Peeling"
Talk by artists from El Salvador, Malaysia, Korea and Sweden

We are pleased to host ARCUS + AIT Artist Mini Talk "Peeled, Peel, Peeling" on Sunday, November 27. 4 resident artists from ARCUS Project and AIT will give a talk about their works and their experiences in Japan. The talk will be translated consecutively into Japanese from English.
ARCUS Project and Arts Initiative Tokyo [AIT] are pleased to host a mini-talk on Sunday, November 27, 2016 starting from 16:30 at ARCUS Studio which is the base of ARCUS Project. The talk will invite three artists currently undertaking residencies at ARCUS Project, Ernesto Bautista from El Salvador, Gan Siong King from Malaysia, Yen Noh based in Austria and one artist, Jenny Yurshansky who is staying with AIT in its residency program, she is based in Sweden and the USA. This talk will be a closing event held in conjunction with open studios at ARCUS Project, it will be followed by a gathering with the artists.

Ernesto Bautista works on sculpture, installation and video works and he is deeply conscious of the violence, death and war around him and feels compelled to investigate the essential meaning of human existence and life. Gan Siong King values a sense of “play” in his works and explores such theme as laughter, humor and joy. The works, however, are not so much sensuous but conceptual and they investigate primeval painting compositions. Yen Noh takes language and translation as her themes in producing installation and speech-performance, two of which relevantly face each other in a space. She examines misreadings and misunderstandings that impacted on modernization. The process of their artistic practices and research will be showcased and shared with audience during their open studios which begins on Friday, November 11. Jenny Yurshansky conducts detailed research on the origins and social histories of various invasive plants, connecting botanical and cultural landscapes. She works mainly with sculpture and installation. Her artistic practice explores the empiric and its tension with the poetic.

Although these four artists deal with various concepts and work on different mediums, their expressions all induce strong interest and perspective on the society we live in. It is as if their practices carefully “peel off” various layers of our society and those actions embed accumulation of time from the past, present and future. This mini-talk will reveal more about their practices, research and how they are experiencing each residency in Japan. It will invite us to look our daily lives differently through their unique way of depicting the world. The coordinators, both from ARCUS Project and AIT, will also join and everyone is welcome to meet the artists for further discussion.

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[ARCUS Project Artists in Residence]
Ernesto Bautista
(Born in El Salvador in 1987. Lives and works in El Salvador)

Gan Siong King
(Born in Malaysia in1975. Lives and works in Malaysia)

Yen Noh
(Born in 1983 in South Korea, Lives and works in Austria)

[AIT Artist in Residence]
Jenny Yurshansky
(Born in Rome, Italy. Lives and works in USA and Sweden / Supported by IASPIS)