November 11th - 27th 13:00 -19:00


A Makeshift Platform of the Japanese (Contemporary) Art Topography for All Dada in Japan

One of this year's resident artist, Yen Noh is willing to invite you to her Studio for creating ‘Library’.

CAN WE TALK ABOUT MAVO? A Makeshift Platform of the Japanese (Contemporary) Art Topography for All Dada in Japan” attempts to rethink the mindset of Mavo, the Japanese avant- garde collective of the mid-1920s, which has been ignored and not institutionalized in Japanese art history.

I look into the performativity and temporality of the practice of Mavo in order to bring it into a contemporary social and economic context. By doing so, the practice can be reinterpreted into “contemporary” that not only “swims against main” but also claims urgent need for responsibility from us. I take my investigation of Mavo to open the process of it and involve the action of the investigation in giving a platform for creating knowledge in order to practice my history consciousness.

Through ‘Librarying’ a makeshift platform will be created to talk over the avant-gardes and the “contemporary”. A panel discussion consisting of experts in different fields—and not necessarily relating to Mavo and art history—will take place in this platform.”

Please have a look her "Open Proposal".
She cordially invites you to participate in this developing discourse by one or more of:

1. Send a book(s) relating to the open proposal
2. Participate in ‘Librarying’

3. Panel Discussion“CAN WE TALK ABOUT MAVO ?”
【Date】Nov. 26 [Sat]16:00 - 17:30
【Venue】Studio3 (Yen's Studio)
【Speaker】Yoshio Shirakawa, Sen Uesaki, Koichi Toyama.
【Moderator】Andrew Maerkle

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【 Resident Artists 2016 】
Yen Noh [South Korea]

【 Panelists 】
Sen Uesaki
[Art theory /Archive theory ]
Uesaki is interested in  "the end of art," dra gging up the obsolete anxiety of the museum. H e examines non-curatorial, non-displaying, and hence archival  state of art i n the postmodernist period: without fructification as individual pieces t he art  remained as a vague middle-layer between language and material corpus.


Koichi Toyama
[ Leader of Kyushu-Facsist party〈Warewaredan〉, Revolutionary ]

【 Panelists 】

Yoshio Shirakawa
[Artist / Art Critic]

【 Moderator 】
Andrew Maerkle
[Deputy Editor, ART iT International Edition]
Andrew Maerkle is a writer, editor and researcher based in Tokyo. He is currently the Deputy Editor of the bilingual online art publication ART iT | International Edition, and a contributor to international journals including Art & Australia, Artforum and Frieze. From 2006-08 he was the Deputy Editor of ArtAsiaPacific magazine in New York.