January 16th (sat) 14:00~17:00

HIBINO HOSPITAL vol.67@Mitsukaido Community center

Hibino Art Seminar Hospital Broadcasting Club

The "Internship Program," led by artist Katsuhiko Hibino was initiated in 1999 to expand the involvement of the public in the ARCUS activities. The program name HIBINO HOSPITAL originates from its first series of programs in which an online hospital was set up to discuss art, combined with an offline workshop to make artworks with the artist. Presently, the program consists of offline workshops only, run by Hibino based on a variety of ideas he prepares for the participants.

We are pleased to announce taking place of HIBINO HOSPITAL vol.67 at Mitsukaido Community center in Joso city.

How to apply
Please send the information as below via TEL or Email.
Please write title 「HIBINO HOSPITAL67」as subject on mail, and send to ; arcus@arcus-project.com

Please inform your;
1. name (all member of attend)
2. age (all member of attend)
3. number of attend
4. contact number
5. mail address

Please inform your name, age, member of attend, contact number and mail address to ARCUS Studio (0297-46-2600) .

20150314328-192.JPGHH67_web.jpg 前回の様子】アーカススタジオにて開催されたヒビノホスピタル vol.66では「年度末企画会議」をタイトルとして、茨城県内各所で開催されるかもしれない架空の芸術祭を参加者と一緒に考え、さらに参加者が発表する作品の提案をしました。