November 14th - 22th 13:00 -19:00 ※ex.16th


ARCUS Project marked its 22nd this year. Since 1994 we have invited and supported 94 artists from 30 countries and regions. The participating artists-in-residence this year are Timoteus Anggawan Kusno, Stephanie Bickford-Smith and Eduardo Cachucho who have been selected to spend 110 days at ARCUS Studio in Moriya, Ibaraki.
The OPEN STUDIOS is a special occasion to experience the creative process of the artists, share their achievements and capture their impressions during these 110 days.

Resident artists will open the process and results what they have been doing since the arrival day. As our official program, We will hold the Guided Tour for Kids with coordinators of ARCUS Project, the Open Discussion with guests and the Artist Talks with Ms. Shihoko Iida who is our guest curator. And artists plan some performances at the last day.

Please check related programs, and visit our studios, share some ideas and the process with artists.
We are looking forward to seeing you at ARCUS Project and share this special event with you.

Report is here(1,2,3).

【Related programs 】

November 14th・21st
14:00 -15:00:
Guided Tour for Kids

For students of elementary and junior high school
Booking required by Nov 10 / Capacity: 15 each
▶More information

※ This tour will be provided in Japanese only.

November 15th
14:00 -15:00:
Presentation by Resident Artists

16:00 - 18:00:
Open Discussion

Speakers:Futoshi Hoshino [Researcher Aesthetics & Culture and Representation Theory],
Mami Odai [AIR Researcher / Art producer],
Shihoko Iida [Curator / Associate Professor, Department of InterMedia Art, Faculty of Fine Art, Tokyo University of the Arts],
Resident Artists
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November 18th
15:00 -18:00:
Artist Talks × Shihoko Iida

November 22nd
14:00 -14:30:
Artist Performance
-Eduardo Cachucho

18:00 -19:00:
Closing Party

///During the period///
※ex.15, 18, 22
16:00 -17:00:
Guided Tour by Coodinators

Booking required
Please call or Email to ARCUS Studio by Nov 10.
※ This tour will be provided in Japanese only.


【 Resident Artists 2015 】

Timoteus Anggawan Kusno [Indonesia]light_timoteus_casual_trimmed.jpg

Stephanie Bickford-Smith [UK]casual_portrait_SBS.jpg

Eduardo Cachucho [South Africa]

【 Guest Curator 2015 】

Shihoko Iida



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