April 18th - May 23rd 13:00 - 18:00 (Exc. Sun,Mon, May 3rd-7th)

Exhibition "Constellations of the earth - Tsukuba Constellation/Moriya Constellation - "

- Daichi no Seiza Project -

Sorry, only Japanese is available.

ALOS-2 (Advanced Land Observing Satellite 2 : DAICHI-2) has taken an image of our constellations on the earth far from 690Km distance/space on the exact time 11:36 of 21nd Feb & 7th Mar (JPN time), when it passed through above Tsukuba/Moriya city with observing the earth. Artist, Suzuki created original constellations from these data by ALOS-2, exhibits his (and participants' collaborative)works at ARCUS Studio. Also we will show all of activities' documents.

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