From December 20th to January 26th

Constellations of the earth - Daichi no Seiza Project - Open call for Entries-

Tsukuba Constellation/Moriya Constellation

Sorry, only available in Japanese.

ALOS-2 (Advanced Land Observing Satellite 2) would be planning to take an image of our constellations on the earth far from 690Km distance/space on the exact time 11:36, 21nd Feb & 7th Mar (JPN time), when it goes thorough above Moriya city with observing the earth.
DIY Corner Reflectors, which reflects radar from ALOS-2 to observe our land, will be created by Participants who are local citizen, students, and kids in our Workshop.
We call for participants who like to take a lecture and workshop as team entry.

Report : Sorry only Japanese is available..

c31337b8ad5f66f3a4003a41101d2e2d.jpeg 陸域観測技術衛星2号(だいち2号/ALOS-2) ©JAXA 20141213omote_outline.jpg

【Program Artist/ Lecturer】

【Hiroshi Suzuki】

Head of Academic & Educational Center,
Associate professor of Painting Department, Kanazawa College of Art.
《Daichi no Seiza Project HP》

【Masato Ohki】

JAXA(Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency)
Earth Observation Research Center
《JAXA Satellite Applications Mission Directorate I, HP》