May 26th (Sat)

Talking about film music- "Psychedelic Subliminal"

"Shotaro Kaizuka × ARCUS Radio 88.0 Mhz independence plan Vol.1 @Salon"

”What do you image about a movie?
Actors, Director, a cameraman, editor,...also, lighting, a sound, and music ..... There are very various of components in movies. You might get the new hint of the way to see movies through this talk session."
by Kaizuka.
In part 1, Kaizuka invites to Mr. Toshikazu Tamura as a guest, who is the up-and-coming film maker, who studies animation at Tokyo Geijutsu Daigaku(Tokyo University of the Arts).
They speak about film music and film works with introducing Mr.Tamura's work on ARCUS Radio.
Also, Hollywood movies and famous Japanese movies will be introduced with topics about relation of Film & Music, and necessary element for movies.

In Part 2, ARCUS Studio presents "Lounge Complex vol.1" at ARCUS Studio SALON as related program.
You are able to see a various of film works and video works from Arcus Archive in renewal studio SALON. it is new open-lounge space for audience/visitor and guest tonight.

(N.B. ARCUS Radio program is taken place at SALON/ ARCUS Studio)


Shotaro Kaizuka
Born in 1986.
His musical activities started from under the Waseda University.
Entered in Berklee College of Music, the United States America in 2007.
Major is Film Scoring.
After the graduation, returned to Japan in May, 2011
He is continuing his activity with working in a record company as a music producer...
to export japanese music to the world.

Toshikazu Tamura
Film maker.
Graduated from Kyoto University of Art and Design.
Studying at The Department of Animation/Film and New Media at Tokyo University of the Arts.
Director of Animation collective "ONIONSKIN"
『Heaven』 by Rai-Rai-Rai Team(TAKE A SHOWER RECORDS)
Directed by ONIONSKIN
MV of『Heaven』 by Shopping Center Pop Band/ Rai-Rai-Rai Team(TAKE A SHOWER RECORDS), is available on YouTube.

The next time will be on June 23(Sat). Stay tuned!!