May 19 (Sat) - June 2 (Sat)

name of this experiment Miyuki Inoue

Locker Room Program

Frosted glasses
are here
inside and outside.

sense the view out there.
face to this place

Sing and draw.
May you sympathize.

White walls
Mirror-like floor

Talk to you : space
sound and light.

It melts, I imagine.
Dialogue resonates.

This started as an experiment of new material at the beginning, which is still on a flexible state with a lot of potential.

The beginning was in winter.
The material got dry and curly.

It has absorbed moisture and getting loosen.

When it rains, it melts.

May it happen.

Report : Sorry only Japanese is available..


Miyuki Inoue: has been living in Moriya-city, Ibaraki, working in the Ino artist village (Toride), and Moriya since 2011.
graduated from Master's Prigram in Art and Design University of Tsukuba, Royal Institute of Art (Stockholm) studying abroad.
Primary exhibitions include: Explum'10 (Murcia), Mobila Konsthallen (Stockholm), a Taro Okamoto contemporary art prize exhibition, etc.
Solo works: The installation regularly put in order while tearing a lot of bread, the drawing which continues tracing a solar shadow, the performance. which are burned while arranging an incense stick concentrically in woods,etc.

The Arcus project is managing the locker room for the purpose of personnel training and local exchange as a standing space for carrying out activity spontaneous [ a Arcus supporter ] and active.
The Arcus project is aiding realization of an independence plan of a supporter here.